Gift Guide

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The holidays are among us already! Less than a week away from Thanksgiving and Black Friday & Small Biz Saturday!! We're excited to be hosting a great collection of new products this season. Check out our small GIFT GUIDE!

Men's Vintage

by With Lavender and Lace

DID YOU KNOW? We have an amazing selection of mens vintage! From button ups and tee shirts, Lacoste sweaters to denim jackets; we've got something for every dude! 

We love Suburban Living!

by With Lavender and Lace

In Norfolk, there are many good humans. many good friends, many good musicians, many good funny people and many cool things. 

Take SUBURBAN LIVING for example. Wesley is a cool dude from the area playing his music all over the place and making cool music videos with Emily Hill... Emily is our Call Me Cupcake woman at the shop (she makes vegan goodies bi-weekly in the summer)..check out a few music vids.. both of which Emily is repping some With Lavender and Lace stuff! this first one, the black sparkly dress was from the small shop I had before we expanded, and the second video she is wearing a flower crown I made that we sell in the shop! WL&L claim to fame all the way! :)

he also just released a 7" called Always Eyes under Dialog Records.. find that HERE!

took this photo of him a little while back.. check his coming tour dates to see if he is near you this month while he is on tour! June 6th - Norfolk @ The Jewish Mother Backstage (Record release) *

June 7th - Harrrisonburg, VA @ The Blue Nile *

June 8th - Lynchburg, VA @ Speakertree Records *

June 9th - Charlottesville, VA @ The Southern *

June 14th - New Brunswick, NJ @ Paradise Lost

June 15th - Fredericksburg, VA @ Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

June 27th - New York, NY @ Cameo Gallery

June 28th - Virginia Beach, VA @ That’s How I Beat Shaq

find him on twitter & insta.  


spring is singing

by With Lavender and Lace

I think it has finally come! Spring is here and it is beginning to feel wonderful. Mother's Day is a few days away.. do you have plans to celebrate your maternal wonder woman? I plan on celebrating with my sister and mom in a big flowery garden with a picnic. I am happy to have a sweet sweet mother who has supported me for all of these years. I celebrate her daily! Happy Mother's Day MOM!

On that note, we've got a great selection of things that mother's might like. Too many handbags to count, fresh peonies, pretty printed cards, jewelry, lovely hats and home decor. See you soon!

Caturday SALE and how it works

by With Lavender and Lace

Every other month, the shop hosts a really cool sale. Its called CATURDAY. It's always on a Saturday and we dont announce the sale until a few days before.. so you've got to stay on your toes! The sale is dedicated to kittys and we bring out all our cat items.. books, mugs, figurines, sometimes kitty cupcakes. Every person that comes into the shop and says "HAPPY CATURDAY" gets 20% off their entire purchase! Its that simple! If you come in dressed up as a cat you get even more % off. Here are some photos from other Saturday sales! 

amazing weekend events.

by With Lavender and Lace

THIS IS IT FOLKS, a weekend of wonderful! Norfolk is having a temporary block makeover just FRIDAY 5-9 and SATURDAY 9-3pm! Food, music, arts, flowers, performances, coffee, businesses, friendships, creations, creators, families, pups, bikes... the list of great things just goes on and on! The event is completely free and open to everyone so please come out! Kelsie will be located most of the event at Zed's Parking Lot (810 Granby) helping with the Listening Room. WL&L will have some FLOWER CROWNS for sale in the Alchemy NFK building (806 Granby) along with IMPRESSED clothing line and INMIND vintage.. Both businesses sell in our shop! Support your city and support small creative businesses.. come out this weekend!

see the FACEBOOK event here, find more information here


pretty in polkadots

by With Lavender and Lace

A Few Spring Instagrams

by With Lavender and Lace

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We're having another CATURDAY sale this Sat to clear out winter wear from the shop. we will have a 5$ bin along with great discounts on coats and sweaters and skirts and shoes and so much other crapppp. help me clear it out so we can bring in those sweet spring & summer dresses! here are a few of the amazing coats we have in the shop that we are trying to get rid of.. if anyone peaks your interest..leave a comment and I'll get back to ya about that item. meow!


by kelsie marie mcnair

Just a bit of shop life during this soft and sweet Valentine's day. Hope yours was wonderful! Check out the video, they are twin sisters from this area and they are amazing! <3 <3

Valentine's Day!

by kelsie marie mcnair

So, some of you know that I own a shop called

With Lavender and Lace Vintage

in Norfolk, Va. Im in the midst of getting a new blog face together with a rad "about me" section where I explain all about it. Anyway, yesterday.. another local business called

Kitsch Va

(everything is handmade in VA) and I collaborated on a shoot. They brought the jewelry and did some product photos, I shot some too and made a video! All clothing is from my shop and most of the accessories are from Kitsch! Enjoy the video, let me know what ya think! <3


open mic night with my talented friends

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last night, my charming friend

Logan Vath

took me and another friend to an open mic night at a tiny place in Hampton. It felt/sounded/tasted awesome and when I was nice and full of pulled pork and cornbread.. they made me sing! (kidding) but we all played two songs and it was really fun. they are both so talented, there must be something in the water.

here is Andrew Montgomery, smooth silky and low.. his songs send vibrations through the ground and i love love love it.

here is Logan Vath. Strong and determined, he is an excellent song writer..and this is a new song he has been working on and i am in love with it.. woke up singin it today!! also, he is equally excited about my music as i am about his which is SO EXCITED.

andddd since this is my blog and im trying to push my music out there i'll post both songs. first is called "Deconstruct" then the second is "Our Own Time".. messups on both AND i reference my new shoes so they are a perfect little videos that are 100% me. haha ENJOY

Thanks to The Victorian Station and all the other artists for being awesome! That place is adorable!!